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Hypnobirth Antenatal Preparation: Our Services

Antenatal & Postnatal care

The way to a peaceful birth and babymoon.

Do you wish to have natural pregnancy with sensitive holistic care? Do you want continuity of care provided by experienced and trusted midwife who will support you in making informed choices? Would you like to have all the appointments at home at the time that suits you? Then my offer might be just for you...

I offer private antenatal and postnatal care in the comfort of your home with each visit lasting approximately 1hr and sometimes longer. 

I can start seeing you from as early in your pregnancy as you like. We would usually meet every 4 weeks in the first two trimesters, then two weekly until 37 weeks and weekly until the baby arrives. Apart of the usual pregnancy wellbeing checks we will have plenty of time to talk about everything that may interest you. Complete holistic antenatal course with birth planning and basic hypnobirthing techniques is included as well as postnatal planning and breastfeeding preparation. In the last few weeks of your pregnancy we will also focus on optimal fetal positioning using for example rebozo and spining babies exercises. Throughout your pregnancy I can help you deal with various ailments using herbs and aromatherapy.

Postnatal care can last up to 6 weeks. In the first week the visits are more frequent to ensure smooth transition for both mum and baby and then space out as you are getting more confident and settled in the new reality :) As a midwife I will carry out all the necessary checks and screening tests for the baby (Newborn Examination or NIPE in the first 72hrs and the blood spot test on day 5-8). As a Lactation Consultant I will help you get the breastfeeding up and running as smoothly as possible. We can use herbs and essential oils to aid your healing and recovery and support your milk supply. We should have enough time to do the Closing the Bones ceremony, bengkung belly wrapping, vaginal steaming or for example baby massage session (these are options for packages with two or more weeks of postnatal care).

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Delux package

  • antenatal care from early pregnancy and 4 weeks postnatal care

  • complete antenatal care including basic hypnobirthing techniques

  • birth planning

  • preparation for breastfeeding including colostrum harvesting

  • optimal fetal positioning using rebozo, spinning babies etc.

  • moxibustion to help turn breech baby if needed

  • herbs, aromatherapy and homeopathy for common pregnancy and postnatal ailments

  • one pregnancy massage in third trimester

  • dedicated breastfeedng support

  • NIPE and NBBS (blood spot test)

  • birth debrief

  • Craniosacral therapy for mum and baby

  • Closing the Bones session

  • vaginal steaming herbs

  • baby massage session

  • pregnancy and postnatal goodie bag


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